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[Harp in my Heart] EP5 Chasing You & Keep Me Close

September 20, 2015
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Chasing You: 16:00~20:36

Keep Me Close: 29:34~35:31

Chasing You

You hide; I wanna find you

Go and I will follow you
I wanna be where you are

As you know, I'm right beside you

Lord, I'm running after you
I wanna be where you are

I'm chasing you ,I'm so in love (with all my life)

captivated, I just can't get enough
I'll spend my days running after your heart, your heart, your heart oh woah woah woah woah  X2

Heart, (you've won my heart)

you've won my heart and soul (Heart and soul)
And where you lead I'll go (I will go)
I wanna be where you are (oh woah oh oh oh)

From the moment I rise

To the moment I sleep
My affection is for you
And even as I dream
I wanna know you
I'm after your heart

This life, this love

Was always meant to be
A wild crazy adventure
Discovering, the thrill, the rush
The more of you I see,
The more it leaves me wanting your everything
Your Everything

Keep Me Close

What is there more than being wholly Yours

What can compare to being in Your hand

When the winds blow, when the storm rage

You still are Lord, You never change

You're my refuge, my hiding place

When surrounded, I call Your Name

Keep me close, to You Lord

Where the winds may blow, only You will know

I will stay in Your Name

Cause You keep me Lord, I know I am safe

Who is the rock like You Lord our God

What is more safe than trusting in Your Name

If You are for me, then who could be against me

If You uphold me, then what could bring me down

As long as You hold onto my heart 

As long as You keep me forever (I know I’m safe)
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