Talking Bush


[Harp in my Heart] EP34 Throne Room

April 10, 2016
우리 주 하나님 (캠퍼스 워십), I Hear Angels (Hosanna Music), Holy (Matt Gilman), I Bow Down (Leonard Jones)

우리 주 하나님

1. 우리 주 하나님
큰 영광과 존귀를 받기에 합당하신
지금 여기 계신 하나님
온 천지 만물을 지으시고 다스리는
큰 권능과 능력으로 주의 말씀 이루시리

2. 주 임재 하실 때 모든 만물 경배하리
어둠 권세 물러가네 오셔서 다스리소서

거룩 거룩하다
거룩하다 주 하나님
곧 전능하신 이여
하나님 나라 임하네

어제도 계셨고 오늘도 계시면 이제 곧 오실 우리 왕

I Hear Angels

I hear angels singing praises

I see men from ev'ry nation
Bowing down before the throne
Like the sound of many waters
Like the rushing wind around us
Multitudes join the song


And a symphony of praise arises
Tears are wiped away from eyes
As men from every tongue
and tribe all sing


Holy holy, God Almighty
Who was, who is and is to come
All the angels are crying "holy"
To the lamb who sits upon the throne

I see one who's full of wonder

Eyes of fire and voice of thunder
Shining bright his majesty
All the colors of the rainbow
Circle him and fill his temple
So beautiful this is to me


I can see the lightning, I can feel the thunder

I can hear the voices proceeding from Your throne


Twenty-four elders bowing low, casting down their crowns of gold

And four living creatures crying out, day and night, night and day


Only one word comes to mind

There’s only one word to describe

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

There is no one like You

You are holy, holy

I Bow Down

You alone oh God

Dwell in Holiness

Where every knee shall bow

And every tongue confess


That You are Lord

To the Glory of God

That You are Lord

There is no other One

And I bow down

I bow down

Worthy are You alone

You alone


The creatures day and night

Cry before the throne

Holy is the Lord

Then they all fall down saying

You are Lord

To the Glory of God

Who is like You

There is no other One

And I bow down

I bow down

Worthy are You alone

You alone


Holy is the Lord

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