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[Harp in my Heart] EP20 꿀성대 스페셜

January 4, 2016

EP20 꿀성대 스페셜

No One Like You
I Want To Be Clean
시편27편 by Sanghyun David Lee

No One Like You
There is no one like You, God
There is nothing like this love
There is no one else for me but You, God

I hear Your voice for You alone are my shepherd
I follow You wherever You lead me to
I'm not afraid for I have seen this love on that tree
No turning back for You never turned Your back on me

Hallelujah, our God is with us
Hallelujah, He will never leave me

I Want To Be Clean
I want to be clean in Your sight
I want to be pure as Your bride
I want to be holy like You are
I want to be a home for You alone

Holy Spirit, work within me
From the deep in my soul
To the words on my lips

Holy Spirit, be increased within me
Make me hope for You
And Your promise I have, Jesus

내가 원하는 한 가지
간절히 바라는 그것은
내가 사는 날 동안 주의 집에 거하며
주의 얼굴만 구하는 것

내가 원하는 한 가지
흔들림 없는 내 믿음은
내가 산 자들의 땅에서 주의 선하심
보면 넘치게 누리는 것

주님은 나의 빛과 구원이요
나의 생명의 능력이 되시니
내가 누구를 두려워 하리요
나는 여전히 태연하리로다

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