Talking Bush


[Harp in my Heart] EP16 Onething

December 7, 2015

EP.16 Onething

You Love Me Forever by Merchant Band (2005)

I am Yours by Misty Edwards (2005)

You Satisfy My Soul by Laura Hackett (2012)

Special Guests: 콩볶는 바구웬, 알프스 소녀 하이디, 날카로운 늑대는 그림자속에

You Love Me Forever 

Hear my cry and answer me

Bow Your ear and hear my plea

You are my Rock, my one defense

Deliver me in Your righteousness


In You oh Lord I put my trust

When my heart has given up

My enemies outnumber me

But as for me I hope in Your mercy


You, You love me forever (3x)

You love me forever, forever, forever


The pangs of death surrounded me

Like a flood they came upon me

In my distress I cried aloud

The Lord heard and He came in power

The heavens rent, the earth it quaked

The Lord arose when I called His name

And with His sword He spared my life

For in me He delights


Forever I will be with You


I Am Yours


Though I sleep, My heart is awake

Though it's night, on You I wait

It's been a long night, And I am weary

It's been a long time, And I am hungry 

So I'll wait in the stillness again

I'll wait in the quiet again


When I heard Your voice

When You said my name

When I heard Your voice

My heart it yearned


In the middle of the night

My heart it yearns


Though You're far away,

Still I'm here to say

I am Yours, I am Yours

And when You feel so far away,

Still I am here to say:


I am Yours, I am Yours


And I pay my vows,

No turning around

I burn the bridges that can't be found


You Satisfy My Soul

You satisfy my soul, You satisfy my soul

You satisfy my soul, With Your love


You make my heart sing

You lift me on eagles wings

Just when I thought that my heart it would faint

You take the darknest night and turn it to shining light

Just when I thought that the night had won


Hallelujah, You make all things beautiful

Hallelujah, trials and testing prove there’s gold

Hallelujah, You turn mourning into joy


Sometimes you gotta sing your way into the truth


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