Talking Bush


[Harp in my Heart] EP 19 Intimacy

December 28, 2015

EP.19 Intimacy

Shepherd by Amanda Cook

Find a Friend by Elizabeth Bedford

Song of Solomon by Martin Smith


In the process

In the waiting

You're making melodies over me

And your presence

is the promise

For I am a pilgrim on a journey


You will lift my head above the mighty waves

You are able to keep me from stumbling

And in my weakness

you are the strength that arises from within

Good shepherd of my soul

Take my hand and lead me on


You make my footsteps and my path secure

So walking on water is just the beginning

Cause my faith to arise, stand at attention

For You are calling me to greater things



how I love You

how I love You

You have not forsaken me


How I love You

how I love You

With you is where I want to be


Find A Friend


I've come to enjoy You, behold, and to bless You

In Your presence I find the fullness of my joy

I've come to know You, and to be known by You

In You I find pleasures, and treasures, and true life



Invite me in to the garden, into Your heart

Into the depths of who You are

Invite me in to the garden, into Your heart

Into the depths of who You are


Find a friend, find a friend in the night


Song of Solomon

When I feel the cold of winter

And this cloak of sadness, I need You

All the evil things that shake me
All the words that break me, I need You

Over The Mountains

Over the Sea

Here You come running my Lover to me

Do not hide me from Your presence

Pull me from Your shadows, I need You

Beauty wrap Your arms around me
Sing Your song of kindness I need You

All through the valleys

Through the dark of night

Here You come running to hold me till it's light

I'll come running

Come running
Come running, back to You
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