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7.27.14 기업이 있게 하시리라

July 28, 2014
사도행전 20:32

2014727일 주일메시지입니다. 오늘은 교회창립기념주일로 하나님께 감사의 예배를 드렸습니다. 메시지는 전임 목사님이셨던 박성도 목사님께서 교회의 사명이라는 제목으로, 뒤 이어 제가 기업이 있게 하시리라는 제목으로 말씀 나누었습니다

Dear John 

Do you remember when

Our mothers met

Mama told me that they lept

Is that a sign for us

Or a sign for them

When unborn babies testify

Carried between the earth and sky

Sons of eternity in time

We were born

Born of spirit 

Born of water

Born of blood


Child of freedom

Child of promise 

Child of God

Do you remember what

Our fathers spoke

Silence broke down on our knees

There was power in their prayer

Remember what they said

They said we are the children of their dreams

Words of acceptance split the sky

Visions of heaven filled our eyes

[Chorus x2]

And do you remember how

It made us feel

To be traded for a foolish lie

I was the song that danced

You were the song that healed

Neither song could satisfy

Wisdom was fighting for her life

We, we were the children of our time
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