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[주일예배] 7.24.16 소금과 불

July 24, 2016
마태복음 5:13~16

2016724일 주일메시지입니다. 예수님께서는 그의 제자들과 우리 모두에게 소금과 빛의 삶을 살라고 초청하셨습니다. 소금의 역할은 무엇이며 빛과의 관계는 어떠한지 오늘의 말씀을 통해 함께 살펴보고 우리 자신을 돌아보기를 바랍니다.

I Have A Light by Don Potter

I have a light and it always shines.

It shines in the day
and it shines in the night.
When the dark days come
and the sun isn't bright,
I will be shining, for I have a light.

Oh, my light is the Lord,

oh, Jesus by name.
My light is the Spirit,
who leads me to change.
My light is the Father,
who gave up His own.
My light is the hope
I'll be with Him
in a heavenly home.
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