Talking Bush


[주일예배] 10.11.15 묵은 것에서 떠나라

October 11, 2015
누가복음 5:37~39

20151011일 주일메시지입니다. 크리스천은 이긴 자들이고 또한 이기는 자들입니다. 우리가 싸워야 할 가장 큰 대적은 무엇인지, 또 어떻게 싸워야할 지에 대해 오늘 말씀을 통해 함께 살펴보겠습니다.

The Coast by Rend Collective Experiment

I'm saying yes to You

And no to my desires

I'll leave myself behind

And follow You

I'll walk the narrow road

'cause it leads me to You

I'll fall but grace

Will pick me up again

I've counted up the cost

Oh I've counted up the cost

Yes I've counted up the cost

And You are worth it

I do not need safety

As much as I need You

You're dangerous

But Lord You're beautiful

I'll chase You through the pain

I'll carry my cross

'cause real love

Is not afraid to bleed


Take my all

Take my everything

I've counted up the cost

And You're worth everything
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