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[Harp in my Heart] EP11 Abba Father (Jason Upton)

EP.11 Abba Father (Jason Upton)

Dear John  00:00~6:48

Into the Sky 23:03~33:44

Everything You Do  42:57~46:37

Dear John

Do you remember when our mothers met

Mama told me that they lept

Is that a sign for us or a sign for them

When unborn babies testify _

Carried between the earth and sky

Sons of eternity in time

We were born

Born of spirit 

Born of water

Born of blood


Child of freedom

Child of promise 

Child of God

Do you remember what our fathers spoke

Silence broke down on our knees

There was power in their prayer

Remember what they said

They said we are the children of their dreams

Words of acceptance split the sky

Visions of heaven filled our eyes

And do you remember how

It made us feel

To be traded for a foolish lie

I was the song that danced

You were the song that healed

Neither song could satisfy

Wisdom was fighting for her life

We, we were the children of our time

Into The Sky

Hey Jesus, are you still on the cross

or are you feeling better?

Hey Jesus, will you come play with me?

I’m ready and willing.

Won't you come...

down, down, down, down to the ground.

To the next to me place with a smile on my face and a song in my ear

Around and around and around and around and around we go (2x)

Hey Jesus, when I wave at you do you wave back too?

Hey Jesus, when I'm feeling sad do you feel sad too?

Hey Jesus, if we throw these books do you think they will fly?

Hey Jesus, can I touch the moon throw me into the sky

And then I'll come....

Intimacy Intimacy Intimacy

Around and around…Around we go

Everything You Do

Everything You do I want to do with You

'Cause doing things with You it makes me happy

Everything You say I want to say it too

'Cause even when I say it wrong we just start laughing 

Merciful Father learning to trust You love me the way that I am

My simple desire to help You means more to You 

than whether I really can

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